Form 8-K SouthState Corp To: November 15

the Lender or one of its Affiliates which is an interest rate swap, a basis swap, a forward rate transaction, a commodity swap, a commodity option, an equity or index swap ” stocks, a stock option or stock indices, a bond option, an interest rate option, a foreign exchange transaction, transaction, floor transaction, tunnel transaction, forward transaction, transaction currency swap, cross currency swap transaction, currency option or any other similar transaction (including any option relating to any of these transactions) or any combination thereof, whether related to one or more interest rates, foreign currencies, commodity prices, stock prices or other financial measures.

Regulatory authority”Means any authority, agency or instrument of state, federal or otherwise, including, without limitation, the FDIC, Federal Reserve Board, OCC and Securities and Exchange Commission, responsible for the review and oversight of the Company and of each Subsidiary of the Bank.

Related documents”Means the revolving credit note, negative collateral agreement and all other instruments, agreements, certificates and other documents signed by or on behalf of the company, any subsidiary or any guarantor under any of the obligations or transactions contemplated under this Agreement, all as amended, supplemented, modified or extended from time to time.

Legal requirements“Means in relation to any matter or person, the certificate or articles of incorporation and by-laws or other documents of or governing such person, and any law (including, without limitation, any environmental law), ordinance, treaty, rule, regulation, ordinance, decree, determination or other requirement having the force of law relating to such matter or person and, if applicable, any interpretation thereof by any governmental authority.

Restricted payments”Means (a) dividends or other distributions by the Company or any Subsidiary based on the holdings of the Company or any Subsidiary (with the exception of (i) dividends payable to the Company or to a Subsidiary by a Subsidiary and (ii) dividends payable only in holdings of the Company), (b) any other distribution by the Company in respect of holdings of the Company, whether present or future, directly or indirectly, whether in cash or in property or otherwise, and (c) the payment of management fees by the Company or any Affiliate to any Affiliate, directly or indirectly, whether in cash or in property or otherwise (but excluding (i) management fees paid between the Company and its Subsidiaries in the normal course of business, (ii) fees paid by and between the Company and its Subsidiaries in accordance with past practices, and (iii) payments by the Company and its Subsidiaries in accordance with withdrawal scheme additional e of the management of the Company or of these Subsidiaries Pension plans, provided these payments are in line with past practice).

Revolving credit note”Means the promissory note from the Company to the Lender in the form of Exhibit B evidencing revolving loans, as amended, supplemented, modified, extended or updated from time to time.

Revolving loan commitment”Means an aggregate principal amount not exceeding $ 100,000,000.

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