How many of these nasty nicknames for NH cities have you heard about?



I grew up in good old Leominster, Massachusetts. There weren’t any particularly clever nicknames for my city. The best we could find was Lemon-town or L-town for short. The surrounding towns we had a little more fun with:

Fitchburg = Bitchburg

Worcester = the dirty woo

Lunenburg = Looney-burg

Winchendon = Winchentucky

You got the idea. Remixing city names to make them more hilarious is a story as old as time. But why are we doing it? I think it’s the same mentality as when we were in school and the thing to do was change someone’s last name slightly to make it funny / gross / kinky. I met a kid named Steven Greenberger and I called him “Steven Green booger”. I thought it was original content and he was rolling his eyes because I was the 40 thousandth person to make this joke in their lifetime. I ended up marrying her and now I’m a Green Booger too. I guess the joke is on me!

Anyway, it got me wondering if there are any hilarious / offensive nicknames for cities in New Hampshire. Stupid question, Kira, of course there is! Because the Internet provides such a wealth of information, I was able to locate a complete list. If some of them offend you, please don’t shoot the messenger. Don’t hesitate to discuss your issues with the folks at Reddit. More specifically, the members of the r / NewHampshire community.

Are you ready for this list? Here we are…

Are we forgetting? Do not hesitate to drop them in the comments!

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