Insider’s 30 rising real estate stars under 35 in 2021

  • Meet Insider’s list of promising talents in commercial and residential real estate.
  • We have selected 30 young professionals aged 35 and under whose leadership spans a vast industry.
  • The list ranges from innovators of companies like Blackstone to founders of startups with inspiring goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged residential real estate markets and plunged commercial markets into vertigo as Americans reassessed their lives at home and at work. This year, some of the most disturbing reactions – from


– cities are exploding to reinvent retail stores – have become longer term trends.

Businesses, policymakers and advocates have responded to the persistent demand for housing at affordable and luxurious levels. The winners and losers emerged from the battle between office barons and work from home advocates. Real estate investing has spread to the memes crowd, who thinks anyone can own a home.

Propelling these developments into the quagmire is a roster of visionary young industry leaders. Insider tried to capture the brightest of the bunch on our second annual “Rising Real Estate Stars” list.

Our inbox was inundated with broker appointments that broke sales records, thanks to increased mobility of landlords and tenants, as well as a second year of soaring prices. As technology plays an increasingly important role in real estate transactions and management, dozens of young executives behind real estate technology, or proptech, startups have emerged as formidable contenders. You’ll see some of the more ambitious and creative from the list below.

But real estate isn’t just about making money. Accelerating housing demand in a time of economic uncertainty has also put the spotlight on those disadvantaged by the trend, and some of our rising stars are fighting to fix what is wrong with the system.

We asked that the candidates on the list be no more than 35 in November, work in the United States, and stand out from their peers. From the dozens of remarkable young people leading the next generation, we’ve selected 30 to watch.

Presented in alphabetical order of first names, here are the rising stars of real estate for 2021.

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