Jeff Foxworthy records Netflix special in downtown Minneapolis


“Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby,” recorded for Netflix at the Pantages Theater in 2019, ended up earning an Emmy nomination. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Jeff Foxworthy picked the same location to record his own special for the streaming giant.

For casual fans, Foxworthy is best known for his “you might be a redneck” jokes and for hosting “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

But in the second of two performances on Saturday, he managed to get through an hour of solid material without ever uttering the word “redneck”.

Instead, the set revolved around the ‘good old days’ – and if they were really as good as the older generation seems to think.

Young viewers who end up watching the TV show may wince about the women walking around without catching a breath and packing for the weekend vacation. He joked that if his wife had to choose between her life and her shoes, she would tell the doctor that her husband would like to be cremated.

But Foxworthy, dressed in an unfolded shirt and blue jeans, also took the time to poke fun at himself. He concluded the set by sharing a story about the time he ended up locking himself out of a hotel room without a point of clothing.

Minneapolis continues to be a popular setting for comedy recordings. Jim Gaffigan recorded his own Netflix special two weeks ago Across the Street at the State Theater.

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