Kim Potter will make time for the murder of Daunte Wright

Minneapolis (KROC AM News) — Former central Brooklyn police officer Kim Potter was sentenced to prison, but not as long as state guidelines require.

Judge Regina Chu Friday sentenced Potter to 24 months behind bars.

Potter was facing a presumptive sentence of 86 months for the shooting death of Daunte Wright last year.

Chu said she made her decision primarily because Potter’s conduct was less serious than typical cases of manslaughter. Potter was convicted of 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter.

Chu said that because Potter’s reckless act resulted in Wright’s death, there should be some responsibility. But she noted Potter “never intended to use his firearm.” The judge also noted that the scene was “chaotic and intense and fast-moving” and Potter “had to make split-second judgment”. The judge also noted Potter “was acting in the line of duty while trying to make a lawful arrest.

US cities react to police shooting death of Daunte Wright

Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

Prior to sentencing, Potter briefly addressed the court and Wright’s family, speaking tearfully and expressing remorse for what she had done. Wright’s parents and other family members also addressed the court.

The judge also revealed that she had received hundreds of letters of support for Potter and that she “had read them all.”

Just before announcing the sentencing, Chu said the Potter case was not the same as two other high-profile cases involving lethal force by former Minneapolis police officers (Derek Chauvin and Mohamad Noor). Chu said, “He was a cop who made a tragic mistake.”

With good behavior and credit for time spent, Potter will likely be released from prison in just over a year.

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