Kira and Logan receive a surprise phone call from the Beach Boys

Well, it was a wild ride!

Logan and I knew we were going to chat with Chris and Preston, the Lo Cash boys! They just released a new song called “Beach Boys,” and it’s an absolute BOP! It starts with a snippet of “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys, so a smile will invade your face within the first three seconds.

The clip is full of summery, fun and seaside vibes.

AND HERE IS A TWIST PLOT! Chris and Preston had to get permission from the Beach Boys to use the music video for “I Get Around” at the start. Not only did The Boys approve of it, but Bruce and Mike loved the song so much they asked if they could sing along too! That’s right, those high-pitched harmonies you hear in the background come straight from the mouths of two real Beach Boys.

It’s such a fun collaboration for so many reasons. Chris and Preston have a lot of respect for the Beach Boys and grew up listening to their music, so to have a song together now is a dream come true. Preston has always felt a connection to the song “Kokomo” since he is from Kokomo, Indiana. He liked to pretend that the Beach Boys were singing about his hometown.

We knew we were going to chat with Chris and Preston about their song “Beach Boys”, but little did we know that Mike and Bruce from the Beach Boys were in on it too! When Bruce started singing “Good Vibrations”, we almost lost him. Hear this memorable moment that instantly transported my mom to 1971 at her first gig, which turned out to be THE BEACH BOYS!

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