KPL will provide a useful “library of things” to customers free of charge


Have you ever noticed a ping pong table while strolling through Bronson Park? Personally, I thought it was good to have the table and assumed people would just bring their own paddles.

Well, it turns out that even if you don’t have your own paddles, you can still enjoy the table thanks to the Kalamazoo Public Library. They recently shared a post, seen below, reminding the people of Kalamazoo that you can ‘check out’ paddles like you would a book:

In the same article, they alluded to other potential elements that could also be “extracted”. Currently, the Kalamazoo Public Library also lends out Wi-Fi hotspots and laptops, but is seeking community input on what might be useful.

Items like tools, sewing kits and cooking appliances have already been suggested. But if you have anything to add, you can do so by taking the survey here.

According to WWMT News Channel 3, customers could view articles for free for three weeks at a time. Not only does it seem handy if you suddenly need something you don’t normally use in your home, but think about how it can help people who are potentially in financial difficulty. This can not only provide some relief, but also prevent unnecessary spending of money on something that will only be used once. Take my Instant Pot, for example. We just HAD to have it and now … now it’s gathering dust in my pantry.

The hope is that the program runs by August of this year. But, for this to happen, the Kalamazoo Public Library needs our contribution. Again, you can find the “Library of Objects” survey here. Also, if you need information on the things they are currently loaning out (ping pong sets, Wi-Fi hotspots, laptops), you can contact the library here.

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