Lainerie Faribault joins forces with American Olympic teams

When you light up the next Olympics, February 4-20 in Beijing, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for some locally made blankets! The Faribault Woollen Mill has partnered with the United States Olympic and Paralympic teams to create unique Olympic blankets to celebrate the United States team.

The Faribault spinning mill made three separate blankets for the occasion. There is a blanket with a white, red, white and blue base that has “Team USA” in red woven in the middle, a gray blanket base with red, white and blue stripes towards the ends, with “Team USA” woven into the middle. the middle of the blanket, and finally, a gray blanket base with the colors of the Olympic ring woven into the ends of the blanket with the US Olympic team logo woven in the middle.

According to the Minneapolis / St. Paul’s Business Journal:

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