MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate Expands Across Arizona to Serve Rapidly Growing Southwestern Market


MINNEAPOLIS – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate, a national leader in the development, financing and management of ambulatory care and medical office buildings, has established an active and growing presence in Arizona and the Southwestern region of the States -United with several important partnerships with the health system. Tucson HealthCare (TMC), Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) and Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) have all engaged MedCraft as a healthcare real estate partner to position themselves for the delivery of future care in the fourth fastest growing state. fastest in the country.

“Our experienced multidisciplinary team of experts enables our clients to accelerate their growth and improve access to high quality and affordable care through highly effective healthcare facility strategies,” said Eric Carmichael, director of MedCraft.

TMC ASC Development and MOB Physician Investment Model Drive Rincon Campus Expansion

MedCraft’s real estate expertise was recently demonstrated with the inauguration in May 2021 of the Rincon Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) on TMC’s Rincon campus, in partnership with contractor Kraus-Anderson and architect Orcutt Winslow. The state-of-the-art 4-operating room ASC will provide a convenient and affordable option for outpatient surgeries and procedures serving the growing Southeast Tucson area. MedCraft has also provided capital for the development of the new Rincon ASC and has partnered with TMC on other initiatives to reposition and expand its services.

Prior to the development of ASC, MedCraft acquired the adjacent 44,000 square foot two-story medical office building from TMC and created an attractive co-investment real estate opportunity to recruit full-time tenant physician. The new investment model has helped develop TMC’s primary and specialty care practices to serve more patients while providing continued economic returns for clinicians.

“As a collaborative and fully aligned partner, MedCraft has provided unique solutions that align with TMC’s goals. Creative financing options, providing TMC and physicians with real estate investment opportunities in both facilities and highly qualified expertise in facility planning, they have helped us position the Rincon campus for long-term growth. term, ”said Richard Prevallet, vice president of facilities and construction, TMC.

Construction of the ASC is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022. It is part of an expansion plan for TMC which includes a new 60-bed hospital scheduled to open on campus in 2023.

YRMC Multi-Site Development, Planning and Programming Foster Physician Alignment

YRMC turned to MedCraft as an experienced healthcare real estate partner to develop and manage two new projects for both its surgical facility on the Yuma campus and its Foothills campus in a market growing suburb. The YRMC required the aggregation and optimization of clinical practices in order to serve the community more effectively. MedCraft helped develop a site and facility plan on land near the main campus to create a more integrated experience for patients, visitors, and medical staff.

The company has also provided expert facility planning and scheduling services as part of the development process to create a new model of collaborative practice with input from physicians and facility leaders who can adapt to volumes and the growth. The new physician alignment strategy brought clinicians and the YRMC together to ensure that all parties were aligned with the vision for long-term success.

“We have entrusted the MedCraft team with our partner in the development of two new medical offices for the Yuma Regional Medical Center. Their planning and programming efforts have been second to none in bringing physicians and leaders together to define future models of care and connect us with industry peers on lessons learned, ”said Trudie Milner , COO, YRMC. “In addition, we were able to mobilize capital from MedCraft to ensure the timely implementation of this growth and development strategy. We are looking to innovate on both projects this year.

NAH secures the strategic acquisition of land for the future hospital and realizes benefits with the disposal of assets and restructuring of leases

Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH), based in Flagstaff, has been engaged with MedCraft for the past five years as a strategic real estate advisor. MedCraft experts have advised the NAH leadership team on key real estate and facilities issues and have been instrumental in achieving several strategic goals.

Among NAH’s accomplishments, MedCraft helped identify, assemble and secure a pristine 180-acre site in a highly visible strategic location for the future expansion and relocation of the NAH Flagstaff campus. Due to the physical constraints of modernizing and expanding the existing hospital, MedCraft facilitated a confidential site search process that involved negotiating with multiple landowners to bring together sufficient acreage for NAH’s vision for one. multipurpose health care village. NAH recently announced its intention to invest $ 750 million in the development of this campus. To achieve greater efficiency, MedCraft also coordinated the sale of non-core real estate assets, consolidated several locations and negotiated leases that supported several key programs and administrative initiatives.

“Today’s healthcare environment demands innovative approaches to planning, developing and managing healthcare real estate. Our partnerships with healthcare providers in Arizona and the United States are tailored to meet their needs to provide excellent care and deliver long-term value, ”said Tom Immen, vice president of MedCraft.

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