Minneapolis bakery robbed less than 24 hours after opening

Minnesota parents take to social media to help find formulaPauleen Le has tips for finding formula during the shortage.

Tips for colorful shrubsThis is the perfect time to plant shrubs in your landscape. AnnaMarie from Bachman’s Nursery joined us Thursday morning.

9 a.m. Next weather reportRiley O’Connor has the latest information on this upcoming weather alert day.

4 Your money: Wall Street’s recent woesMinneapolis-based Target, along with other major retailers, reported disappointing results and the question is whether inflation is already doing its damage.

Nordstrom workers in Minnetonka charged with stealing $400,000 worth of high-end merchandiseTwo employees of a Twin Cities suburban department store are accused of stealing more than $400,000 worth of high-end merchandise and attempting to sell it on eBay. One has been charged.

4 boys arrested after crashing stolen vehicle outside Minnesota State CapitolA police chase of a stolen vehicle ended in chaos just outside the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul on Wednesday night. Police say four boys, aged 12 to 15, were arrested in the incident.

Kayakers on the Minnesota River found a nearly 8,000-year-old human skullLast year, two kayakers in southwestern Minnesota found a human skull fragment dating back nearly 8,000 years.

Morning Update: Mental Health Day of Action, Formula Shortages, and MoreIt’s Day of Action for Mental Health, more on formula shortage, a nearly 8,000 year old skull found in SW MN, and more.

Parents turn to online groups despite formula shortagePresident Biden is invoking the Defense Production Act to increase manufacturing of baby formula and he is also allowing the Pentagon to use his military cargo plans to airlift formula from foreign producers.

Nordstrom workers charged with stealing $400,000 worth of high-end merchandiseThe Minnetonka Police Department said two people were arrested May 4 after police executed a search warrant at a home near Plymouth. Inside, detectives found handbags, shoes, jackets and other high-end items totaling around $400,000.

The air conditioner checks you need to do nowWith summer fast approaching, some tips on what you need to do to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

The effect of money on mental healthA new survey found that 87% of respondents say rising prices due to inflation are a major source of stress.

Parents turn to social media to find formulaThere are a number of groups that have provided a lot of help to Minnesotans, often the posts are related to more populated areas where there are more options to find formula and parents who live outside of the metro don’t don’t necessarily have time to travel.

Morning headlines May 19, 2022More rain means more dangerous conditions on the water. The Rum River is one of 11 rivers in Minnesota that currently overflow. First responders have just rescued a kayaker who was stuck last night.

Jennifer Carnahan sued by family of late representative Hagedorn over medical debtsJennifer Carnahan, wife of late Minnesota Congressman Jim Hagedorn, is being sued by her mother, sister and stepfather over unpaid medical debt claims.

Cameras capture young cubs near Voyageurs National ParkResearchers in northern Minnesota got their first glimpse of cubs this spring in a study pack in Voyageurs National Park.

University graduates enter the friendly job marketMany college graduates say their skills are in high demand amid the big quit.

5:00 a.m. Next weather reportWCCO meteorologist Riley O’Connor said Thursday is an upcoming weather alert day, due to the possibility of severe storms in southern Minnesota this afternoon and evening.

WCCO Digital Headlines: Morning of May 19, 2022Jason DeRusha shares the latest updates and headlines.

10:00 p.m. Next weather reportThursday is an upcoming weather alert day due to potentially severe weather conditions.

Exploring Minnesota: Silver Creek Cliff TunnelJohn Lauritsen shows us the incredible challenges it took to build the Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel, and what visitors are discovering there now.

George Floyd’s family react to Thomas Lane’s guilty pleaOn Wednesday, Erin Hassanzadeh spoke with George Floyd’s family about Thomas Lane’s guilty plea and found out what it could mean for the other officers involved.

Why high water can be such a big riskMore rain means more dangerous conditions on the water, as 11 Minnesota rivers are already flooded right now.

Maddie Dahlien doesn’t like to loseMaddie Dahlien is a senior on the Edina team that swept the 100, 200 and 400 meter races at State last year. Now she is starting over. During this time, she plays elite level football.

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