Minneapolis Horse Patrol mourns loss of vital stable member

Members of the Minneapolis Horse Patrol mourn the loss of a vital member of its stable of horses.

Caballo, more affectionately known as Cabo, died last week of colic, according to an announcement from the nonprofit that helps fund the patrol.

Cabo was 17.1 hands tall, about 5 34 feet off the ground to the top of his shoulders, and “was an extremely talented and agile horse despite his large size,” the Minneapolis Mounted Police Foundation said in its Facebook post.

On the first night of civil unrest following the May 2020 police killing of George Floyd, when officers on horseback first arrived, “no horse wanted to come near the crowd,” the statement continued. ode to Cabo. “Cabo didn’t hesitate to move forward, guiding the other reluctant horses, showing them that everything was fine.”

The foundation explained that Cabo began showing symptoms of colic, the leading cause of death in horses due to their sensitive gastrointestinal tract, on April 25.

He was rushed to a vet for emergency surgery, but further complications set in, “and the difficult decision was made to have him peacefully euthanized,” the post explained.

Cabo was born in 1997 and joined the Mounted Patrol in 2009.

“He was steadfast, strong, dependable, confident, forgiving and never indicated he had any weaknesses,” the foundation’s notice read. “Cabo really was the perfect police horse.”

The Patrol is a city-wide unit based outside of the downtown district. It currently has 20 riders and 12 horses before Cabo’s death.

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