Minneapolis officers vindicated by deadly Dolal Idd shooting; no charges will be laid


No criminal charges will be laid against the three Minneapolis cops who shot dead Dolal Idd at a gas station last December.

Dakota County District Attorney Kathy Keena released her indictment decision on Friday, saying Sgt. Darcy Klund and Officers Paul Huynh and Jason Schmitt were vindicated when they shot the 23-year-old Eden Prairie man outside a Holiday gas station at 3550 Cedar Ave. S December 30, 2020.

Police said they were trying to arrest Idd for illegally selling firearms, and investigators from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension found Idd had a gun and first shot at police, according to documents.

Keena said this was supported by body camera video, which the MPD released the day after the shooting; a testimony ; statements by officers at the scene; forensic analysis of the gun found in the car Idd was driving; and determining that a bullet that struck an unmarked patrol car was from the driver’s side of Idd’s vehicle.

“The use of lethal force by a peace officer is justified to protect the officer or another person from death or grievous bodily harm,” Keena said. “It is my conclusion that given the facts and circumstances of this incident, it was objectively reasonable for the three peace officers to believe that Mr. Idd posed a mortal threat to them and the other officers at the scene at the when they fired their guns.

“As a result, the officers were legally justified in using lethal force in this case and there is no basis for bringing criminal charges against any of them,” Keena added.

The Dakota County District Attorney’s Office has been tasked with reviewing charges against Minneapolis police officers despite the incident in Hennepin County. That’s because last year, five counties in the metro area adopted a new practice for police use of force cases to avoid the appearance of mismanagement of a case.

Under the new practice, the county attorney in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred refers the case to one of the other county attorneys or to the state attorney general.

The night Idd was killed, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office searched his family’s home in Eden Prairie. Authorities came under heavy criticism for the way the search was conducted, prompting the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office to post a video of the search.

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The Sahan Journal reported that lawmakers “pointed their guns” at Idd’s parents and “tied their hands tightly with a rope.” Idd’s father said the publishing authorities did not show them the search warrant until after their search was complete, when they told him his son had been killed.

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