Minneapolis Restaurant serves exclusively Native cuisine

“As you may know, it’s a wonderful, beautiful, and sacred space, and we’re thrilled to have a restaurant that’s extremely unique and sort of the only one like it,” Sherman told ICT. Unsurprisingly, Owamni has become one of the toughest restaurants in Minneapolis to get a reservation (per IllinoisTimes).

Owamni prides itself on its diverse team and the dishes are prepared using ingredients considered pre-colonial. that means no wheat flour, dairy, cane sugar, chicken, pork, or beef. Instead, the restaurant supports local and national Indigenous food producers and crafts dishes around ingredients like fish, birds, insects, wild plants and varieties from ancestral Native American farms – food sources originally found on earth (via Owamni). The restaurant’s menu is also listed online in Dakota.

Dishes on the menu include trout served with a white bean spread, porridge made with Ute Mountain blue corn, maple, hazelnut and berries, and Choginyapi corn sandwiches filled with mashed elk, sweet potato or vegetables of your choice. For dessert, the maple chaga cake features wojape, candied berries and nuts, or Sunbutter Bars squash, agave, caramel and toasted sunflower seeds in a colorful presentation.

Because reservations are hard to score, plan ahead. There’s a reason the restaurant snagged the James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant.

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