Minneapolis School of New Music closes after 1 month due to pandemic financial problems


Sharp’s 13-year-old daughter found her rhythm at the Minneapolis School of New Music.

“My daughter loved this school because of the musical aspect. She has always loved music, but it hasn’t been that intense for her,” she said.

But the music stopped on Tuesday.

The college closed it nearly a month after it opened, forcing Sharp’s daughter to find a new school.

“She’s heartbroken because she really wanted to be in this school and she really wanted to be with her friends and now she can’t do it anymore,” Sharp said. “His heart is kind of broken.

Officials said closing the charter school was a last resort.

“I feel really sad and I think maybe the circumstances, the current economy and COVID, play a huge role in all of this,” said Bart Johnson, founder of the Minneapolis School of New Music.

Johnson came up with the idea for the charter school and brought it to life in September this year, but said there were obstacles related to the teacher shortage and lack of funding.

“If you don’t have a staff, if you don’t have teachers to teach the core subjects, you don’t have a school,” Johnson said. “There is nothing wrong with traditional public schools for most children, but some children need something different, and we wanted to provide that opportunity.”

Parents have said that for some children in northern Minneapolis, the opportunity is hard to find, but music school has changed the pace.

“You have a lot of kids who have different issues in their lives, but when you have an opportunity like the one Bart gave these kids, it’s really helped a lot of kids,” Sharp said.

Johnson said funding issues associated with staff shortages make reopening the school in the future beyond reach.

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