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SALT LAKE CITY, September 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Navigation, the smart and simple financing platform for small businesses, announced today Logistics Roseland Born as the most recent winner of the $ 10,000 grand prize from its Quarterly Small Business Grant. Roseland Born Logistics is a black owned logistics company that provides inbound and outbound dry freight services. Owned and operated by Mark Davis and Chris Banks, the logistics company plans to use the grant money to purchase a box truck for the company.

Nav’s Quarterly Small Business Grant comes at a time when many small businesses are seeking financing, but are unable to access new funds due to evolving bank financing offerings and solutions. Nav steps in and provides solutions to small business owners in a post-PPP world through the Small Business Grant and works to ensure small businesses are continuously supported.

“It is an honor for Nav to work with the smallest of small businesses at all ages and at all stages of their business, especially companies like Roseland Born Logistics who are newer to the small business world,” said Greg Ott, CEO of Nav. “We are inspired by the tenacity and willingness of Chris Banks and Mark Davis to go it alone and build a small business, and we look forward to seeing the great job Roseland Born Logistics will do for the Minneapolis area. “

Before opening Roseland Born Logistics, Banks and Davis worked at other companies. When they realized they weren’t being paid their fair value, the two decided they wanted to take charge of their careers and start their own businesses. From there Roseland Born Logistics was launched.

“With my co-owner, Chris Banks, we started this business in April 2021. What we didn’t realize until we started our business is how difficult it is to get financing as a new small business. business – many banks only want to work with businesses that have been in operation for at least a year, ”said Mark Davis, co-owner of Roseland Born Logistics. “As one of the only black-owned transportation companies in Minnesota, we wanted to make a lasting impact in our community. And thanks to Nav’s grant, we continue to meet our goals and grow in our first year of operation.

Nav also awarded a second prize of $ 5,000 to Artland Studios, an arts education studio located in Paden, Oklahoma. Artland Studios owner Leslie Anne Martin founded her business in October 2018 as a sole proprietorship and was recently transformed into an LLC in March 2021. Martin established the studio to provide artistic opportunities for children and adults. living in rural central Oklahoma.

“I grew up in Paden, Oklahoma, so I knew there wasn’t enough funding for arts programs in local schools or arts opportunities for adults,” said Leslie Anne Martin, owner of Artland Studios. “My long-term goal for Artland Studios is to be able to host artist residencies, where an artist can come for a period of time, use the facilities and equipment, create incredible works of art, and then conclude their residency with an art exhibition in the local neighborhood. Martin plans to use Nav’s funds to help build a classroom space in his studio so both adults and children have a place to learn about the arts.

Nav created the Nav Small Business Grant in 2018 to raise awareness of the barriers small business owners and entrepreneurs face when starting and maintaining their businesses. In September 2021, Nav awarded $ 170,500 to small businesses across the country. In the final round of winners, Nav offered a grand prize of $ 10,000 to JW Equestrian Services, a full-service equine training center.

Nav’s next round of Small Business Grants is open now and will end on October 26, 2021. Learn more about the grant and how to apply here.

About navigation Navigation uses real business data to quickly match small businesses with the best loans and credit cards. The leading business financial management application, Nav’s intelligent business finance solution provides insights and opportunities for the day-to-day financial decisions that fuel their success. Nav’s solution is also leveraged by other business service providers to improve their customer experience. Learn more about Nav is available at

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