New group of medical practice mergers and acquisitions aims to help physician-owners avoid million-dollar retirement mistakes

Each year, approximately 20,000 medical practices and outpatient surgery centers are sold. Most homeowners receive far less than market value, industry experts say Ben Brickweg and white jeans.

CONIFERE, Col., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Physicians and medical practice owners now have access to specialized M&A expertise to guide them through the successful exit of their healthcare business.

Colorado lawyer, author and exit strategy consultant Ben Brickweg and Minnesota medical real estate expert white jeans announced today that they have joined forces to launch Counselors on leaving medical practice (MPEA). The collaboration is designed to help physicians and practice owners achieve the highest selling price for their practice and real estate with the least disruption, so they can achieve the retirement they deserve.

White, founder of the ASC Group in Minneapolisis a medical real estate entrepreneur and broker with nearly a decade of experience facilitating changes in control of businesses, medical practices and medical real estate.

Surprisingly, many of White’s clients simply sold their building and closed the practice when they moved. White believed they were leaving significant value on the table – in some cases millions of dollars.

A common acquaintance bonded the two serial entrepreneurs. After working together on several exit transactions, the two formed MPEA to advise physicians and healthcare business owners nationwide.

The founder of Sagewood Legal and Business Advisors in Conifer, Colorado, Brickweg helps entrepreneurs create exit strategies to sell their businesses on their terms. “Each vendor’s goals and timelines are unique, so MPEA’s strategy is built around each physician’s personal retirement goals,” he explains.

The duo quickly saw opportunities to help healthcare business owners get away with more money. “I was shocked when John said private equity firms had cold called some of his clients with offers…and had in fact made deals without the seller exploring all options,” said Brickweg.

“Ben was even more shocked to find out how many medical practice owners were willing to accept the first offer they received, with no idea of ​​the true value of their business,” White said. “It would be like performing a knee replacement without imaging. There’s no way of knowing what assessment data you’re missing.”

“We believe that every physician deserves to have the tools to take charge of the future and legacy of their medical practice,” Brickweg proclaims.

Medical practice exit counselors may represent clients across the United States, but currently focus on outpatient surgery centers and physician offices in the Mountain West and South Central United States. For more information, visit

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