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– Inconvenient, messy, sneaky and rapidly multiplying – locals say Minneapolis and Saint Paul pigeons are causing trouble.

“For me, I’ll tell you they’ve been a nuisance,” said Christy Schmittel, a resident of Minneapolis. “They are dirty. They are disgusting because they poop everywhere.”

The invasive species brought in by hunters from Europe are constantly eating and releasing about a quarter of a pound of trash per day.

“A pigeon’s nest is mostly droppings, a few sticks and a few feathers, and that’s it,” said Keith Markun, bird and bat specialist. So, yeah, they’re pretty disgusting. “

Markun said calls for help with pigeons are common. He said Minneapolis has a growing problem, and Saint Paul is even worse.

“Oh, yes, the problem is increasing in numbers exponentially,” Markun said. “Nobody traps. We don’t hunt. We don’t euthanize. Other than hawks, owls and other species of raptors, there are no natural predators for them. In one year, you will go from two. pigeons over 45. “

Markun installed a strong net on the bushes and wires on the railing in the Schmittel district to keep pigeons away.

Meanwhile, Schmittel asks the others not to feed the birds. The longer the birds stay, the more difficult they are to expel.

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