Private sector external debt at $162 billion


The total outstanding amount of private sector loans received from abroad has fallen by $7 billion since the end of 2021 to stand at $162 billion in July, according to Central Bank data.


Long-term loans fell by $7.1 billion over the same period to $154.5 billion, while short-term private business loans – excluding trade credits – increased by $85 million to reach $7.6 billion.

“In terms of currency composition, of the total long-term loans amounting to $154.5 billion, 65% is made up of US dollars, 31.6% is made up of euros, 1, 5% is made up of Turkish liras and 1.9% is made up of other currencies,” the statement said. the central bank said.

Some 41.7% of short-term loans are made up of dollars, 37.3% euros, 17.5% liras and 3.5% other currencies, according to the bank.

Liabilities of financial institutions accounted for 37.7% of long-term loans, while the share of non-financial institutions was 62.3%.

During the same period, of the total short-term loans, 79.9% consisted of commitments from financial institutions, while 20.1% consisted of commitments from non-financial institutions.


“Total outstanding private sector loans received from overseas on a remaining maturity basis indicates principal repayments of $44.2 billion for the next 12 months through the end of July. “, said the bank.

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