Should this house for sale in Minnesota be in the Barbie movie?



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A home on the market in St. Cloud, Minnesota, for $250,000 has captured the attention of a popular social media real estate page thanks to its delicately bold color scheme throughout the interior.

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The three-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow is considered “one of a kind” by the listing on, and going by the photos, it certainly qualifies as unique. The 2,147-square-foot home is constructed of cinder block and features a wide array of splashes of color splashed around its walls, including cotton candy pink, bright mint green, sunshine yellow and more.

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It also has an attached garage and a games room.

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Zillow Gone Wild fans were both obsessed and somewhat confused by the amalgamation of iridescent hues flooding the home.

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On Wednesday we wear pink (kitchens),” Zillow Gone Wild captioned a tweet with the listing of homes on Twitter.

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“It gives me complicated feelings“said one person.

Kitchen Screenshot of Zillow

“So shouldn’t this be in the barbie movie?” another asked.

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“Some bold, some whimsical, with some home quirky. It has its own character and charm,” someone wrote on the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook page.

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“You know what, it looks like theft. Yes, you probably have about $80,000 in renovations, but *whistles* that seem to have potential,” one person said.

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“Something so wacky about this place I love it lol. I would keep the kitchen cabinets as is for sure! another admired.

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“If Candy Crush was a house…” someone joked.

Interior Screenshot of Zillow

“I had a Barbie dream house that looked like this,” another compared.

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“I would 100% live there and I wouldn’t change a thing,” one person said.

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St. Cloud is about 66 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

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