Teen charged with murder in August gas station shooting in Minneapolis

A 17-year-old is on trial as an adult in connection with a fatal shooting last August at a north Minneapolis gas station, court documents show.

Khalil Shabazz of Minneapolis is charged with one count of second degree murder. He is accused of shooting and killing Telly Tramaine Blair, 36, on the morning of August 9 at the Amstar gas station on West Broadway Avenue and Knox Avenue North.

According to the criminal complaint, officers found Blair in a car, he was shot multiple times and was “bleeding profusely.” He was taken to North Memorial Health Hospital and was later pronounced dead.

The charging document describes footage from the moment of the shooting, which shows the shooter peeking over a fence bordering the parking lot of the gas station, walking around it and heading towards the car of the victim. He then enters the store, goes to the back and exits through the front door without touching or buying anything.

Leaving the store, the shooter approaches Blair’s car, shoots into the vehicle, and flees.

A Minneapolis police officer received a tip from an informant that Shabazz had shot Blair and was living near the crime scene. The informant showed them photos of Shabazz, which matched the description of the suspect from surveillance footage.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department also learned from a separate informant that someone was trying to sell the murder weapon – a Ruger .40 caliber handgun – and that Shabazz approached the victim, telling him. asked where he was from and started shooting.

Police arrested Shabazz at the home described by informants, and police executing a search warrant at the home were able to recover clothing that appeared to match what the shooter was wearing in surveillance footage.

Hennepin County District Judge Frank Magill ordered Shabazz to stand trial as an adult on Tuesday. His first court appearance is set for Wednesday afternoon.

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