Texas House in recess until Sunday


We got to the point in the Texas Legislature where it’s not just Republicans versus Democrats, it’s House versus Senate and tensions are mounting.

The House walked out of session on Thursday after many Republicans expressed anger that the Texas Senate was sitting on priority Republican bills dealing with health care reform and criminal justice.

According to the Dallas Morning News, by stepping down and being on hold until Sunday, many Senate bills are now on the verge of defeat, including Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s priority laws.

The move means that several Senate bills are at risk of dying just because time is running out. Potentially at risk legislation includes several of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s priorities, including bills requiring professional sports teams to play the star-spangled banner, ban taxpayer-funded lobbying, and target social media platforms for the purposes of censorship.

Tuesday is the last day for debating Senate bills in the House; the 2021 session ends on May 31.

Senator Joan Huffman, who chairs the jurisprudence committee where many House criminal justice bills are awaiting debate, said the committee was meeting later Thursday to “hear and pass many bills. from the room”.

The House decision could also put the final nail in any law that prohibits allowing doctors to administer gender-altering drugs and surgeries to children.

This further complicates the passage of important legislation in the last week of the session. So far, the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor have failed to respond to actions taken by the House.

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