The Family Partnership moves to a new building in Minneapolis


The $ 22,000,000 building is a public / private partnership that will have a direct impact on those who need help most.

MINNEAPOLIS – The City of Minneapolis has been through a lot and healing begins at the community level, at the neighborhood level. An organization has moved there in the hope of helping.

“We wanted to tell the community that we are here with you to make this neighborhood a better neighborhood for all the families and children who live here,” said Molly Greenman, President and CEO of Family partnership.

There is new life on Lake Street thanks to an organization that has been around for a while.

“We are a 143-year-old organization dedicated to paving the way for success for families, most of whom live in poverty or very close to poverty,” said Greenman.

The non-profit organization has just opened this new facility in South Minneapolis, on the corner of Lake and Bloomington. A vision they have had for years to match their mission to help children and families in need. The new space is home to the Four Directions Kindergarten, which offers speech therapy, physiotherapy and play therapy, and mental health services for the whole family. Access to preschool education is the key to a child’s success. And that’s something The Family Partnership has proven.

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“Last year 100% of our kids, in both of our preschool programs, graduated kindergarten-ready, compared to maybe 30% of most kids from families living in poverty, so that’s very efficient the work we do, ”she said. .

The building is also Pride’s new home; a program that helps women, adolescents and young men escape sex trafficking in a part of town where it continues to be a problem. The programs and people of The Family Partnership are a beacon of hope for a community that seeks healing in so many ways.

“We want to be there when people need us most and it’s often the hardest time to find help,” says Greenman.

The family partnership has room in the preschool and will soon add an infant room to further expand access in the community.

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