The mayor of Minneapolis in one year of racial recognition


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Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon joke about Greg Pence not voting on Mike Pence’s attempted murder resolution

“Last night, the House voted 252-175 to form a commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol riots,” Jimmy Fallon told Thursday’s Tonight Show. “Not only did 175 Republicans vote against the commission, but they also want to make January 6 the day of January 6″ Bring your foolish riot to work. ” mentionned. “Come on, there’s a better chance that 10 dentists will support Mountain Dew Cake Smash.” “Get it, Mike Pence’s brother Greg Pence voted no,” Fallon laughs. “People said, ‘You don’t care that they tried to kill your brother?’ And he was like “No before the brothers!” This will make a fun family barbecue this summer: “Mother, ask Judas how he wants his meat patty.” “The Late Show suggested that this year’s Pence Thanksgiving would be awkward, to the tune of Sister Sledge’s ‘We Are Family’. Apparently, “Republicans don’t want to know why they were nearly murdered because it could hurt them politically,” believing “that a January 6 investigation could undermine their message halfway,” sighed Stephen Colbert to The Late Show . Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) explained his bewilderment with this strategy on the House floor. “Wow, what a passionate speech,” Colbert wondered. “This guy should run for president.” (The joke is that he just did.) “The new thing in Washington that now divides Congress is the masked mandate in the House of Representatives – Democrats want it, so Republicans, naturally, don’t.” , Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel. Live. “It sounds like a while, but we’ve finally found the one thing the Republicans in the House aren’t willing to hide: their faces. And the main reason these masks are always needed, the only reason why they need it on House floor because less than half of Republicans in the House are vaccinated. “He explained how some unvaccinated people are true” freelancers. ” Jeff Bezos is auctioning off a seat on his Blue Origin space tourism flight, and the current bid is $ 2.8 million, Kimmel said. “Who has $ 2.8 million and might need to get off the planet quickly?” Maybe the rich guy in legal jeopardy. Donald Trump “will finally be able to meet all the illegal aliens he cried out against,” he joked. The former president’s former lawyer suggested he would feed his children to wolves to save his own skin, Kimmel said. “The saddest thing will be when Trump forgets to pin a crime on Tiffany.” Angelina Jolie stands perfectly still, showerless, covered in bees for World Bee Day What the left is wrong about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict No one won the 11-day battle between Israel and Gaza, but 230 Dead Palestinians and 12 dead Israelis clearly lost

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