What could be better than seeing the fall colors of Minnesota? From a boat!


The train in which I am made a hundred wagons
So I don’t sleep until the morning
It’s a little cold wind in this gondola I’m in
I would like to have a glass of beer – Gordon Lightfoot on Border stone

Fall has arrived in Minnesota, and with its return, tree leaves change colors, with a hot sun casting long shadows during the day, then longer, cooler nights that are often choppy with the sounds of cheering. and whistles from officials. It’s a great time to be in a condition that reflects the 4 seasons. So why not take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer, but do it from a completely different point of view. From the water, by gondola, to one of Minnesota’s first towns, Stillwater.

I only thought gondolas existed in Venice, Italy, and Las Vegas, but it turns out there is a company in Minnesota that operates along the St. Croix River in Stillwater that has authentic gondolas that you can hire to take you along the river, enjoying the sights and sounds of falling over a real flowing treasure.

The company, Gondola Romantica, describes their rides as “the romance of Venice mixed with the beauty of the Holy Cross River and the charm of Stillwater”. People who hire the services can book either a day cruise or a night cruise. I think if you wanted to admire the fall colors along the Holy Cross you would book a day cruise but maybe you have really good eyes and want to go there at night.

But if you want to go, you can’t really hesitate because the gondola season only runs until October “weather permitting,” according to the company’s website. Other questions you might have about their services can be found here.

If you don’t like the Venetian ballads which are usually sung with gondola rides, I suggest you download our app, this way you really have the best of both worlds, or buy your own gondola with the 10,000 $ that you could earn by entering these 10 codes per day!

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