Where to go on your next trip — Bike Hacks

If you’re looking for a fun, eco-friendly way to explore your next vacation destination, look no further than your bike. Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation, and for good reason: it’s a great way to sightsee while getting some exercise.

This blog post will take a look at the most bike-friendly cities in the United States. Whether you’re looking for explicitly paved city streets for cyclists or trails that wind through beautiful scenery, you can find it here. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next cycling adventure!

Why cycling on your next vacation is a great idea

Cycling is a great way to discover a new city or destination. You can visit more places by bike than on foot, and it’s a fun way to get some exercise. The bike is also eco-friendly, so you can feel good about exploring while being environmentally conscious. You’ll also meet more locals and get off the beaten track.

You can explore at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about getting lost if you bring a map or turn on your phone’s GPS. If you can’t bring your bike, you can easily find bike rental shops in most towns, and many hotels even offer bikes to guests.

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Top 8 Cycling Cities in the United States

Since the pandemic, bicycling has grown in popularity in the United States and around the world. To enjoy your next cycling holiday, read the America’s Best Bike Cities.

San Francisco, California

California’s bike paths are some of the finest in the country, and a handful are found in San Francisco. With over 400 miles of bike paths and bike lanes, San Francisco is a fantastic city for biking. It also has a bike-sharing system called Ford GoBike, with over 700 bikes available for hire. The city also has a temperate climate, which makes it ideal for cycling all year round.

Portland, OR

With nearly 400 miles of bike paths and paths and 100 miles of neighborhood greenways, Portland is another great city for biking. The city is known for its beautiful landscapes, so you can enjoy nature while cycling. Biketown is a bike-sharing system in Portland with over 1,000 bikes available.

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is a great city for biking, with over 200 miles of bike paths and paths. Fort Collins has a bike-sharing company called Pace, with more than 200 smart bikes available for hire. Fort Collins is located in the Rocky Mountains, so you can enjoy stunning mountain views while biking.

Eugene, OR

Eugene is another great city for biking, with over 300 miles of bike paths and trails and seven pedestrian bridges. Emerald Pedal is Eugene’s bike share program, with over 100 bikes available for rent. With the beautiful landscapes of the city, you can bask in the beauty of nature while cycling.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This Midwestern city has been rated the most bike-friendly city in the United States for several years in a row. Minneapolis has over 100 miles of on-street bike paths and trails and 100 miles of off-street trails, making cycling easy.

Seattle, WA

Seattle has rainy weather, but that doesn’t stop cyclists from getting around – in fact, there are even rainproof bike paths! Seattle has over 400 miles of bike paths, making it another wonderful city for biking. It also has a bike-sharing program called Pronto, with over 500 bikes available for hire.

Washington DC.

Washington DC is a great city for biking due to its over 150 miles of recreational bike paths and 104 miles of bike paths. Additionally, a bike-sharing system called Capital Bikeshare was founded in this city in 2010. The company now serves many states and has over 3.4 million riders annually. When it comes to sights, the most important you will find while cycling are monuments and museums.

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City has 259 bike paths that you can explore. Bonneville Coastal Trail is perhaps one of Utah’s most explored mountain bike trails. Most of this trail is close to the shore, traverses above the valley and offers beautiful scenic views. You will also find a sufficient number of bicycle shops in this town.

Which city has the most protected bike paths?

Although New York isn’t on the list of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States, it does lead in this metric. New York City has over 200 km of protected bike paths. However, despite having the most protected cycle paths, the death rate for cyclists is still high. To reduce biking accidents, always follow safety rules, such as wearing a helmet and using hand signals.


In conclusion, the best way to explore a new city is definitely by bike! Not only is it great exercise, but you can also see so much more than if you were walking or taking public transportation. Plus, if you’re planning on visiting one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States, you’re in for a treat! So whether you’re looking to burn some calories or just want to take in the view, be sure to get on a bike the next time you go on vacation!

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