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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – WCCO is teaming up with Xcel Energy for the Company’s Service Day this week. We will introduce you to local nonprofits that may need your help. The company’s partnership has resulted in new homes and much-needed support for homeless veterans, as volunteers break new ground in efforts to end veteran homelessness.

Xcel Energy employees are dedicated to helping the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans in its mission to end veteran homelessness, by volunteering their time and talents.

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Xcel Energy CEO Bob Frenzel, a Navy veteran, thinks this is what the community should look like.

“Partnering with MACV and helping our veterans is particularly poignant to see what is happening in Afghanistan, but truly helping those and serving those who serve our country so courageously is important to me. It has a place in the hearts of every Xcel Energy employee. It’s in the culture of our company, ”he said.

Frenzel rolled up his sleeves by bringing his family to help build a home for the veterans in North St. Paul last year.

MACV CEO Neil Loidolt says the partnership with Xcel Energy is crucial in helping homeless veterans. MACV inaugurated the first Accessory Housing Unit (ADU), adding a second living space at the back of one of its homes that veterans call home.

“Almost 500 hours of this great organization this year, but they’re going to help us solve the power issues here at our ADU,” Loidolt said. “But it’s also good to be in partnership with truly respected members of the community, and that’s what Xcel is.”

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YardHomes is taking the lead in this project, a project that could not be achieved without the volunteer muscle of Xcel Energy.

“When this property was created and we decided this could be the first location, I was just thrilled,” said Nicole Beckstrand of YardHomes. “They said they would do some finishing work for us and we’ll take it over.”

Xcel Energy volunteers are proud to be a part of this revolutionary effort, to build new affordable housing designed to get homeless people off the streets, working this new approach to help the homeless veterans that MACV needs to volunteers.

“Some people can donate money, others can donate their time, doing patches on decks,” said Loidolt, “but that’s really their expertise.“ I’m a lawyer, ”“ I’m a realtor “,” I can help close the deal. “

MACV hopes to add secondary suites to three other properties. The organization is also looking for homeowners willing to help Veterans in need of housing.

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You can sign up to help out this weekend, find out more about other organizations, and make Xcel’s “Good Energy” pledge of volunteering, by visiting wcco.com/dayofservice.

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